Love is the Onle way.

We went to a little town called: Purisima del Rincon.

We took blankets to all the seniors there.

Talking with a lady that was 113 years old and still wanted to clap her hands and sing was a joy and an experience I will never forget.

The joy is about giving, not receiving.


   Every Friday 11.15am.

Che21 opens the door of his private studio to every patient and cancer survivor

for a Meditation (No Charge)

  Come and relax into a deep meditation

  Be with yourself for a while deep within.

 Che21 Was there supporting the Cancer Support Community Center family.

For every pair of sandals sold, we give a pair of tennis shoes to a kid with Cancer or HIV.

We also give them books, color pencils and copybooks.

Back To Nature

It’s your turn.

                    You can help us to bring a smile to these kids.

                   Giving your help with a shooting you are helping

                                    these kids with hope.

                    We will give you photos for your own portfolio

                                     or a pair of sandals

                                          Help us to help.

Che21 Love is the Only way.

We are planning in openning a small factory in leon Guanajuato

We will also have yoga classes for  women and kids with Cancer.