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Colours on my toes.

When I was a kid I used to play with the tassels of the curtains at home. I remember those three infinite tall curtains of the dinning room windows that were my childhood kingdom; where I would hide back when the maid came in to set the tea table for my mom. I will never forget those beautiful silk tassels.

I think I always kept that in some part of my memory and brought it into the design of the sandals. Beautiful colors with all the energy of my dreams. They have the look of a Monaco's playboy with that exotic, colorful and, extravagant charm. That unique Savoir Faire that only European men can show. And the silky way of dancing with each step of a Parisian woman casually walking by Champs Elysées, draws in my mind the exquisite possibility of been outstanding elegant .

I always loved the way my mom dressed during summer; light open wide dresses (we are talking about the 60´s), but there was something missing, at least in my mind. Color on the feet! So Che21 came in.

Why che21?

I was born in Buenos Aires; I am an Argentinean Che, that´s worldly known. I used to give my yoga followers (I am a yoga instructor) a written work after each class about a different subject titled: A Yoga dude in the XXI Century. So I put it together with the Argentine Che starting with this dream of mine.

I started experimenting with the sandals that I would buy at Walmart or Target, simple ones that I could combine with my own design gluing ornaments on top of them with a hot silicone gun. They really look terrible; but people would start commenting good things about then and buying them. I went to college for sewing classes realizing I am very bad at it although even the director of the Fashion department came home to take a look at the sandals and told me that I was going to make it, that he liked them already as they were.

That was the beginning of this long journey. One of my yoga students got excited with the project and joined me. I would have never done it without her trust and help. I will treasure those days in my heart for the rest of my life. I continued coming to Mexico until I left everything at home to establish myself here.

It took me to go through more than twenty-five Maquileros (shoe workers), all my mother´s inherence and leaving my home to continue with this dream. I failed, I made mistakes, I was robbed and betrayed by friends, and cried many times alone in a rental room. For weeks I only could have a Café con Leche (with powder milk) as daily food.

But each time I was desperate and wanted to quit I found courage and hope in my Guardian Angels. They never quitted been there for me. Encouraging and trusting me.

But most of all; each time I was sad and alone I took a pair of my sandals and felt the energy and happiness I put in them and smiled.

Never quit a dream. Never quit thinking that you don´t deserve the thing you are looking for.

Because it is over there, somewhere waiting for you.

This is Che21 for all of you.

With love

francisco casabal.

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