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Love is the Only way.

Nothing better than  the experience of a sm¡le. Sharing time and gifts with these kids that regardless everything they go through, they always have a smile. They are incredible. Che21 was in Leon Guanajuato  at the Hospital Regional with them. We took toys, books, and colour pencils, and lots of good vibe.

Our mission

“Our commitment is to show the world the existence 

of a truely conscious way of life in been generous and kind"

Love is the Only way


We visited a Seniors Center at Santa Maria del Rincon in Guanajuato.

These elders were so excited to been visited by someone.

Blankets for the winter came up handy. We shared stories, tales, and laughs.

Loved the expiernece of receiving in such a natural way.

Visiting the kids at the General Hospital in Leon Guanajuato this last November. Giving their parents these excellent books for learning how to deal with this situation.

I dont´t think anyone can feel the sensation of one of these little angels smiling at you from the moment you cross the door. These children need a smile as your kids do.

Francisco Casabal is organizing meditation sessions for the parents and the kids  laying down together on their beds.

November 2018

Love is the Only way